5 Incredible Facts About Casinos That Will Shock You

Casinos are overflowing with exciting features and joyful displays that make you not want to leave. But behind all the lights and gimmick, you'll find out things that will make your jaw drop.

#1 A Famous Actor Banned for Life in Las Vegas

Facts about casinos Ben affleck

Ben Affleck, the actor famous for his portrayal of Batman, is banned for life in the Las Vegas Casino. They caught him using the strategy, card counting, in a Blackjack match at the Hard Rock Casino. Though it is not illegal, card counting is frowned upon casinos and will lead to a permanent ban of the players caught.

#2 The Largest Single Poker Tournament Win in History

Facts about casinos win in history

The record was recently broken in the 2019 Triton Millions. Aaron Zang won the event, but Bryan Kenney took most of the money. Bryan Kenney won around $20.5 million.

#3 The Most Treacherous Casino Machine in History

Facts about casinos slots

The sound, design, features, and many other things in the slot machines are there to deceive you into hoping that you could win. The noise drowns you with upbeat music to mask that you're losing; the design makes you see gold coins as you were losing money and other features that make you keep on playing.

Slot machines have the lowest probability of a win in the entire casino. Hypothetically, 1 in 625 spins, you'll hit a winning spin; however, since most slot machines are video slots now, it is even harder to predict whether you’re close to winning or not.

#4 There Are no Windows Inside Casinos

Facts about casinos no windows

In most casinos, you may notice that there are no windows in there. You see this as just the design of this casino, and you didn't think much of it. There is a major psychological trick playing behind that “design choice.”

This “no window” design tricks our internal body clock by not letting us see the outside world. The “no window” design works hand-in-hand with the casino having no clocks. Without the aid of these two plus the constant bombardment of sounds and lights, you have a more definite possibility of staying there thinking you were only there for a few minutes.

#5 Casino Games Fills You Up With Near Wins

Facts about casinos wins

The excitement of nearly hitting the jackpot or almost having three-pairs in a slot machine gets your blood going. You might feel lucky and play again, hoping your luck changed, and the next few draws will be a win. This rush is what the casinos want you to feel.

In most games in every casino, they give you a few near wins. This feeling will get you excited and make bad decisions like spending all your money just because you feel a victory.

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