3 Famous Casino Crimes That Will Surprise You

The Las Vegas Hilton Arson Case: Over 200 Injured

Casino crimes Hilton Arson

In 1981, a troubled 23-year-old busboy named Philip Cline started a fire in the elevator lobby. The fire spread at an alarming rate, trapping the guests in their room. The fire blazed through the 30-story building, injuring 198 people and 8 people died.

Philip Cline was convicted of eight counts of murder after he confessed to the fire. He was interviewed in prison and admitted to the arson. He said he burned the curtains, which started the entire fire.

Retired FBI Agent Bill Coulthard Murdered in Las Vegas Parking

Casino crimes bill coulthard

Bill Coulthard was the former head of the FBI's Las Vegas Office. Tragedy strikes in July 1972, when a car bomb exploded inside the downtown Las Vegas Parking garage that killed him. This was a high-profile case because of the status he holds in his community.

Local authorities, ATF, and the FBI soon investigated this case. There was a $75,000 reward for any information regarding the situation, but this led them to a lot of wild goose chase that ends up nowhere. Up until this day, the case remained open and unsolved.

The Death of the Boxer Sonny Liston

Casino crimes sonny liston

Sonny Liston died of an apparent drug overdose resulting in heart failure at his Las Vegas home in January 1971. Some say his overdose has a sinister background leading to it.

Geraldine Liston, his wife, returned home after a two-week trip. While on her trip, she tried to contact her husband for two weeks but didn't answer.

When Geraldine got back, the doors were unlocked, and a revolting smell wafted in her nose. When she opened the door, the place was pitch black. She opened the lights and followed the odor upstairs, where she found her husband in their bedroom, sprawled at the foot of their bed. He was dead for six days.

Though the official record ruled his death as an accidental overdose, many believe it was a mob hit. There was a published book claiming that the writer’s father killed Sonny Liston.

In the place of merriment and fun, it is incredibly creepy when crimes like these happen. It’s like the sense of irony is creeping up in our thoughts. These crimes are just a reminder to all of us that crime chooses no place to show itself.

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